Ladybirds vs Nottingham 3rd


Date Season
December 2, 2015 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 2nd4Loss
University of Nottingham Women’s 3rd8Win

Match Report

Ladybirds vd nott 3rds

Today the women’s 2nds had their first away match against the Nottingham III team. Some insider knowledge told us that they were pulling out all the stops with their team, bringing in a number of II’s players.

We started with doubles. Charlotte and Sarah played at no.2, their serving was on point, however had a close, but disappointing first set, which led to a loss of momentum to lose 6-4 6-1. 

Georgina and Claudia played at no.1 against a hard serving pair. After a very tactical game of moonballing to annoy the opposition, and some great interceptions, they won the 2nd set tiebreak 8-6 to claim the match 7-5 7-6.

Charlotte at no.2 played a fantastic game of singles, making her opponent play point after point, she thrashed her 6-0 6-2.

Claudia unforunately had to get back to Cambridge for a meal with her DOS so didn’t get the opportunity to show her stuff.

Sarah played in her debut at no.4 and played a very solid player with a big serve who should have been ranked much higher. She was unlucky to lose 6-1 6-1 as the score by no means reflects the how close the 2nd set was, every single game went to deuce!

Georgina ended up playing her old doubles partner at school, who had unfortunately improved quicker than she did. After a very hard hitting match with some big serves and long rallies, she lost 6-4 6-3.

The girls lost 8-4 overall, however all felt they brought their best tennis and were very happy with how they played against a very strong team. Next term we will come back fighting harder!