Women’s Blues vs Bath 2nds


Date Competition Season
November 12, 2014 BUCS Women's Premier South 2014/15


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st2Loss
University of Bath Women’s 2nd10Win

Match Report

Women’s blues vs Bath 2nds pic

This week the team travelled to the lovely city of Bath.  Anna and Jane had a good warm up in the doubles; unfortunately the pair they were playing were on top form and didn’t miss a volley. They lost 0-6 0-6.
  Monika and Tanya, meanwhile, had a great time on court. From every angle they managed to put winners away, Tanya leaping up from the net and Monika hitting down the line return winners. Unfortunately Monika did not mange to place any smashes in court and Tanika feel that this gave their opponents confidence, which is the reason that they ultimately lost 4-6 2-6.
  Jane had a tough match that felt much closer than the score, eventually losing 3-6 1-6.
  Monika finished with the same score; she had had a foothold in her match, but regrettably she did not match her sister’s score against the same girl the week before (Joanna had lost 3-6 2-6).
  As for Anna’s match: after a tough but competitive start at 1-5 down, she sprained her ankle, and was sadly unable to finish her match.  Tanya remained focused in singles, and after an hour and a half finished off her opponent in style, winning 6-3 6-2.