Women’s Blues vs Exeter 2nd


Match Report


The 1st team had an extremely tough match against Exeter 2nds.

Lucie and Laura started of with doubles against the 1st and 4th seeds. It was closely fought but many games were lost in sudden death deuces. The opponents were strong net players and it was clear they had a lot of doubles experience. The score was 6-4 6-0 which is not very reflective of the tough time they gave them.

Aliyah started with singles against a tricky lefty who had her running around the court like a golden retriever. Despite being almost a decade older Aliyah felt that she keep up very well. She lost 6-2 6-2 and plans to spend less time watching the Aussi Open and more time working on how to win ugly next time. 

Yas played the 6 foot Amazonian 2nd seed who Monika played in a ‘grudge match’ (her words) last time they met. Yas had a bit of an injured arm which unfortunately handicapped her serve, which her opponent took advantage of. Nevertheless she fought well (and didn’t have mental meltdown – woo!). Alas she was bested by the stronger player 6-2 6-2.

Lucie also was suffering from an injury but managed to make it out despite having a trapped nerve in her right arm. She was up against the first seed who we discovered was actually a member of the Exeter 1st team. She tried to fight through the pain in the 1st set (thanks to Yas’s painkillers), but eventually had to pull out. The score was 6-1 3-0.

Laura had a hard-fought singles at number four that was closer than the 6-1 6-1 score line suggests. Her opponent complimented her on her ability to keep getting the ball back, but unfortunately the girl from Exeter consistently managed to hit the lines with her final shots.

Aliyah and Yas finished with doubles against the 2nd and 3rd seed who had obviously played together before. The righty and lefty were a solid team and successfully serve and vollied their way through the match. The score was 6-0 6-1.

All in all everyone played pretty solidly and there were few silly errors. The Exeter team were just too good. We found out that they have 9 indoor university tennis courts to practise on so let’s assume that added to their advantage.