Women’s Blues vs Oxford 1st


Date Competition Season
January 20, 2016 BUCS Women's Premier B South 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st4Loss
Oxford University Women’s 1st8Win

Match Report

oxford match #2

Today the women’s first┬áteam travelled all the way to Huntingdon to play their rivals… they who must not be named… The Other Place.
Monika and Kadi had a very strange doubles match: a rollercoaster of down-the-line winners, nervy crosscourt rallies, and down the line slammers from both sides. It was Kadi’s net interception and serving into the side netting that allowed Cambridge to clinch the first set 6-3. Alas it was not to be, Oxford won the next set 6-2 and then the match tiebreak 12-10… typical.
It was Jenni and Yasomie’s first time playing together at pair number 2. There were many flukey shots, from both sides again, but Cambridge had no luck and lost the good-natured match.
At number 1, Kadi put on a stellar performance, swiftly dispatching Camille Goodman (who upped her game in the 2nd set) 6-3 6-1.
It was a rematch of 2015 Varsity as Monika was drawn against Malika. Somehow Malika seems to play inspired against Monika, and hits the tramlines every second shot. Not ideal. The better player prevailed: Monika won 6-4 6-7(5) 10-7, but not before some horrendous line-calls in both tiebreaks by Oxf*rd.
Jenni played a very solid and slightly too good fresher (take note people). Even her legendary slicing and big serves couldn’t get her out of this tricky situation and Jenni lost 3-6 4-6.
Yasomie had been out of tennis practice over the Christmas holidays so she was pretty lucky to be able to have a match that lasted over 2 hours. She’s sure to be grooved now. Oxf*rd’s number 4 was deceptively good and fought hard, capitalising on Yas’s lack of match practice and mental endurance (this will be trained up everyone, don’t worry). The match score was an unfortunate 6-2 6-7 0-6.
Next time girls, next time.