Women’s Blues vs Oxford 1st


Date Competition Season
November 11, 2015 BUCS Women's Premier B South 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st4Loss
Oxford University Women’s 1st8Win

Match Report

Women’s blues vs oxford

You can’t say that the tennis team are not willing to go to extreme lengths for their University; wake-up alarms at 5.40am and still not complaining (that much). Monika ate her lunch at 9.44am.
The day started with doubles; newly-paired Monika and Cassie played at number 1 and although they were feeling the effects of an early morning they improved towards the end, losing 6-2 6-3. The pairing seems to be promising for the future.
At number 2 pair was Jane and Beth, who were still asleep by the time they came off the court and lost 6-2 6-3.
Monika played Amy Partridge in singles who was just slightly too good in every department and better at actually “winning” points.she lost 6-1 6-0.  Things took a better turn in the next two matches.

Cassie won against Camille Goodman 6-1 6-1. Pretty easy you would think, apart from the fact that Cassie stayed tomato-coloured for a good half an hour after vacating the court.
Jane at number 3 had a “wobbly and stressful moment” when she lost one game in the first set. After a very much needed pep-talk from the captain didn’t have that problem again ,and won 6-1 6-0.
Beth was at number 4 and lost against Frances Benson 6-2 6-1. We shall use “rustiness” and “old age” as an excuse.
Despite this 8-4 loss against Oxford we are hopeful for the next match and for Varsity when we will SMASH THEM.