Women’s Blues vs Oxford Brookes 1sts


Date Season
October 18, 2017 2017/18


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st5Win
Oxford Brookes Women’s 1sts1Loss

Match Report


Today’s W1 match against Oxford Brookes was a stunning success. The day started with a round of doubles, Claudia and Joanna as no. 1 and Yas and Magda as no. 2, both of which ended in swift 6-0 6-0 victories (including several aces in Yas and Magda’s match, and some clean passing shots from Joanna and Claudia). In the singles Magda (as no. 4) was first to finish 6-0 6-0 with her Brookes opponent, who was kind enough to compliment her game several times; Yas (as no. 3) quickly¬†followed, ending her match 6-0 6-3. Worth noting that for both Magda and Yas these were their first ever W1 wins! In the other bubble Claudia was massacring the Oxford Brookes no. 2, with the final score 6-1 6-0. The only real opposition came from the Brookes no. 1, whose match with Joanna took twice as long as the other singles; after losing the first set in tie break Joanna had a 4-1 lead in the second, but unfortunately an old injury prevented her from showing her best, culminating in the final score of 6-7 (6) 5-7. Overall a great match for Cambridge W1, strong start for the season ahead!