College League 2016

All questions concerning the organisation of the league and submission of results should be directed to Jack-Long Martinez (jl893). Contact details for college captains can be found here.

Division 1

Homerton I Christ's I Emmanuel I Jesus I St. John's I Downing IPoints
Homerton I------3-35-14-24-14-218
Christ's I3-3------0-44-24-010
Emmanuel I1-54-0------0-41-54-28
Jesus I2-42-44-0------1-55-18
St. John's I1-45-15-1------8
Downing I2-40-42-41-5------0

Division 2

Trinity I Robinson Pembroke I Churchill I St. Catharine's I King's IPoints
Trinity I------6-06-06-06-05-120
Pembroke I0-63-3------3-33-33-38
Churchill I0-62-43-3------4-26
St. Catharine's I0-63-33-32-4------3-36
King's I1-50-63-33-3------4

Division 3

Queen'sClare Homerton II Magdalene Selwyn I Sidney Sussex Trinity Hall IPoints
Homerton II2-4------4-26-08
Selwyn I5-12-4------6-08
Sidney Sussex1-51-54-2------6-08
Trinity Hall I0-60-60-60-60-60-6------0

Division 4

NewnhamCorpus Christi Fitzwilliam I St. Edmund's I Churchill II Pembroke II DarwinPoints
Corpus Christi4-2------2-43-36-04-26-018
Fitzwilliam I3-34-2------6-06-014
St. Edmund's I2-43-3------6-06-06-014
Churchill II0-60-60-6------3-36-06
Pembroke II0-62-40-60-63-3------6-06

Division 5

Christ's II Emmanuel IIGirton Trinity II Jesus II St. Edmund's II St. Catharine's IIPoints
Christ's II------4-21-54-04-26-016
Emmanuel II2-4------5-14-25-16-016
Trinity II0-41-5------4-24-26-012
Jesus II2-42-42-42-4------6-04
St. Edmund's II1-50-62-4------6-04
St. Catharine's II0-60-60-60-60-60-6------0

Division 6

Downing IICaius I Peterhouse St. John's II Jesus III Caius IIPoints
Downing II------4-25-15-14-23-318
Caius I2-4------4-26-06-012
St. John's II1-50-6------6-05-18
Jesus III2-40-60-6------4-24
Caius II3-30-60-61-52-4------2