Court Booking

Last updated 04 Apr 2022.

Please read the code of conduct before using the Club’s facilities. Please note the following:

‘Any individual, member or guest, using the Tennis courts does so at their own risk. Neither the University or CULTC can be held responsible for any injury incurred, however caused.’

The courts at Fenner’s are free for use by members when there are no scheduled practice sessions or matches. Courts are booked through the CamUniSport App. You will receive login details for the App shortly after you have signed up for membership and sent proof of payment to the Club Secretary – please contact the Club Secretary if you have not yet received your login details. Guidance on using the App can be found here. Court booking rules are linked here and are also found at the bottom of this page.

Note that you will only be able to access the courts if you are a member of CULTC; for more info on how to become a member click here.

Following extensive discussions with the Sports Service, we are happy to announce that the courts at Fenner’s are now accessible at all times. If you joined the Club before 31 Jan 2022, you must fill in this form before you can use the courts.

If you are a current member of CULTC and you have accepted the current Code of Conduct, you can receive the codes to access the courts at Fenner’s, if you have not already.

Court booking rules for CULTC members_20220401