Social Tennis

Last updated 27 September 2023.

Social tennis sessions on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays are back for Michaelmas 2023.

Social tennis is a vibrant community of people who just love to play – but without the competitive element. There are a whole host of benefits of becoming a social tennis member!

Free access to Fenners hard courts

Social tennis members can play throughout the year. You have free access to the University tennis courts at Fenners which you can use to play at your own leisure with other CULTC members. Courts are bookable via the University Sports App.

Coached social sessions

During Michaelmas and Lent, we also offer group coaching at beginner and intermediate levels at weekends by Performance Team Players.

For the first three weeks of term, beginner sessions will run 9am-10am and intermediate sessions will run 10am-11am and 11am-12pm on Saturdays and Sundays. After three weeks, we will be introducing an extra beginner session on Mondays 10am-11am and removing the 11am-12pm slot on Saturdays and Sundays. All sessions will be held at our club at Fenners, Gresham Rd, Cambridge CB1 2EP. We are incredibly lucky to have the input of Blues players for these sessions; they are a great opportunity to get tips and work on specific areas of your game so feel free to ask anything tennis related whilst you’re there!

This year we are also introducing free squash and biscuits at the coached sessions!

The first 2 weeks of social tennis sessions in Michaelmas is a ‘try before you buy’, meaning you do not need to have bought a social tennis membership before attending. However, from the second weekend onward, all those attending will need to have bought a social tennis membership.

Here’s the schedule for the coached social sessions this term (Michaelmas 2023):

  •       14th and 15th October- Footwork, grip and stances
  •       21st and 22nd October – Groundstroke technique and ball placement
  •       28th and 29th October – Volleys & Doubles
  •       30th October, 4th and 5th November – Serve & Return
  •       6th, 11th and 12th November – Cardio tennis
  •       13th, 18th and 19th November – Singles points play
  •       20th , 25th and 26th November – Doubles points play

​Club stash

​As a member, you will also get the chance to buy Club stash, high quality tennis clothing provided by our sponsor PlayBrave.

Wimbledon ballot

You may be able to enter the Wimbledon ticket ballot – tickets are usually incredibly difficult to come by in the public ballot, and there is a much higher chance of you getting them with us.

Social events

This year we are also organising various social events throughout the year with members who share similar interests. Currently in the works are a welcome social, formal, swap with other racket sports clubs and a Christmas dinner!

Friendly league competition with other social members

This year we are introducing an optional friendly social tennis league where you can play casual matches against other social members. We will be offering singles, doubles and mixed doubles leagues for you to enter. 

Find out how to join the social membership here.