How much is membership?
– M1/W1 £160
– M2/W2 £130
– M3/W3 £100
– M4 £80
– Social Tennis £60
– Senior Members (staff and others affiliated with the university) £100

How do I pay?
We would prefer you to pay by bank transfer to the Tennis Club account. The details for this are on the ‘Join the Club’ page.

Is there a lifetime membership?

How frequent do I have to renew my membership?
Once a year

Can I join later in the term or in Lent? *SUMMER MEMBERSHIP NOT AVAILABLE IN 2020/21 DUE TO COVID IMPACT*
Yes you may. You will be asked to pay the same fee and the membership will end on the 1st of October. Summer Membership for Social Tennis from the start of Easter through to 30th September is available at a reduced rate of £40. Membership cannot be refunded.

Where is the tennis club?
The club is at Fenner’s, Gresham Road, CB1 2EP. See below for a map

Fenner's Location

How many courts are there?
There are 3 hard courts, and up to 8 grass courts in the summer.

Do I have to book courts in advance?
No. There is no booking system but in Easter term the men’s and women’s Terms will train at certain times and you will not be able to use the courts. You will be informed about this closer to Easter term.

Are there racquets I can borrow?
Extremely limited due to COVID. We strongly recommend bringing your own rackets. They can be purchased from Decathlon Cambridge or Top Spin Tennis Cambridge.

Do I have to buy my own tennis balls?
No. There will be a basket of balls in the clubhouse which will be reserved for social players.

How do I find people to play with?
We will send you the link to our Facebook group once you have paid the membership fee.

Is there a ballot for Wimbledon tickets and, if so, what are the chances of getting tickets?
Yes, there is a Wimbledon ticket ballot. Only full members of CULTC have the option of being entered into the ballot. The chances of getting tickets from the club ballot is higher than from the public ballot.