Trial information

Congratulations to all new freshers who made their offers!
We are CULTC (Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Club)- we train and compete throughout the year. In the first 2 terms our top 3 mens and womens teams compete in the BUCS league against universities across the country. We have 5 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams, all of which play regular matches throughout the year and each team has a Varsity at the end of the 3rd term where we get to play Oxford!
Not only do we have fun white stash but we’re one of the best cambridge sports as we’re one of the oldest tennis clubs in the country and also a full blue sport!

Team trials for 2019/20 have now taken place. If you have any queries regarding team tennis please do not hesitate to get in touch with the captains:
Women’s Blues: Kureha Yamaguchi (crsid ky295)
Men’s Blues: Michal Kaminski (crsid mk878)