College League 2015

All questions concerning the organisation of the league and submission of results should be directed to Jerry Ganendra (jpg56). Contact details for college captains can be found here.

Division 1

Homerton I Downing I Jesus ISt. John's I Emmanuel I St. Catharine's IPoints
Homerton I------5-16-05-14-15-120
Downing I1-5------0-43-36-06
Jesus I0-64-0------2-44
St. John's I1-54-2------4
Emmanuel I1-43-3------2
St. Catharine's I1-50-6------0

Division 2

Christ's IChurchill I Trinity I Robinson Pembroke I ClarePoints
Christ's I------6-04-24-24-06-020
Churchill I0-6------4-24-25-16-016
Trinity I2-42-4------4-25-16-012
Pembroke I0-41-51-52-4------4-24

Division 3

King's Selwyn I Trinity Hall IMagdalene Sidney Sussex St. Edmund's IPoints
Selwyn I1-4------3-34-14-15-114
Trinity Hall I1-43-3------3-35-14-212
Sidney Sussex2-41-41-52-4------4-24
St. Edmund's I0-41-52-42-42-4------0

Division 4

Homerton II Churchill IIFitzwilliam I Pembroke II Corpus Christi Jesus IIPoints
Homerton II------5-13-36-05-12-118
Churchill II1-5------2-43-35-16
Fitzwilliam I3-34-2------6
Pembroke II0-63-3------2
Corpus Christi1-5------0
Jesus II1-21-5------0

Division 5

Darwin Christ's IIEmmanuel II St. Catharine's II St. Edmund's II Homerton IIIPoints
Christ's II2-3------5-16-08
Emmanuel II1-5------3-06-08
St. Catharine's II0-5------6-04
St. Edmund's II0-3------6-04
Homerton III0-60-60-60-60-6------2

Division 6

Trinity IISt. John's II Clare Hall Downing II Gonville and Caius Jesus III PeterhousePoints
Trinity II------3-36-05-15-16-018
St. John's II3-3------6-06
Clare Hall0-6------6-04
Downing II1-5------6-04
Gonville and Caius ------6-04
Jesus III1-5------6-04