Men’s Fourths Varsity Match


Date Competition Season
June 18, 2016 Varsity 2015/16


University of Cambridge Men’s 4th17Win
Oxford University Men’s 4th4Loss

Match Report

2016 saw the first time that the Cambridge and Oxford Men’s 4th teams would battle out Varsity over 21 matches across 2 days.
Starting with a round of doubles in the drizzle, the team was pumped to the correct amount and raced into a 3-0 match lead. With Oxford reeling from the first wave of aggressive play and big serving, particularly from Will McMahon, we entered round 2 of the doubles. Oxford’s day soon turned into a nightmare as the match score quickly jumped to 6-0.
As the weather improved, we moved onto the singles. Ed Crowther was unfortunate in his match against their number 3 seed ‘The Wall,’ as Oxford finally got onto the scoreboard. However a quick succession of wins by Daniel Blower, Will McMahon and Jeremy Soper edged us closer to victory. At 5pm, it was to be battle of the number 1 seeds, however their player was complaining of tiredness after his 2 quick doubles losses earlier in the day. Eventually he was coaxed onto court where he then attempted to bait Craig O’Malley with excessive time wasting and towelling down between points. Craig remained cool and took a 6-2 5-4 lead overnight.
The following morning, Craig quickly wrapped up his singles, but Max Busch was unlucky to lose out in a third set tiebreak in the other match to be carried over from the Saturday. With the score poised at 10-2, Daniel and Jeremy stepped onto court for their second singles matches in their bids to clinch the deciding rubber. A quick start saw Daniel race to a 6-0 6-1 win, securing the Varsity win for Cambridge!
Not content with cruising for the rest of the day, the remaining singles and doubles matches were played competitively, including some hard fought three set wins from Ed and Jeremy in their singles, as well as another dominant display from Dave Thorp and Craig in their last doubles match. The final score was an impressive 17-4 win, a huge result for the boys in light blue.