Women’s 2nds Varsity Match


June 18, 2016


University of Cambridge Women’s 2nd15Win
Oxford University Women’s 2nd6Loss

Match Report

ladybirds 2015 win

In the 2016 Varsity match, the Women’s 2nds team were the only team looking to defend their title from the previous year. We got off to a slow start, with wet courts delaying play and causing us to start with doubles. The first round of doubles was tough. Both Laura and Tanya and Claudia and Georgina were taking to 3rd sets. Tanya and Laura managed to win theirs, but Claudia and Georgina were unable to keep up the momentum. Yas and Charlotte faced a tough opponent and lost in 2 sets. The second round of doubles was 2-1 in the other way. Both Tanya and Laura and Claudia and Georgina had much simpler matches, winning both in 2 sets. Yas ans Charlotte played a much more aggressive game, but got into the match a little too late, losing 6-3, 7-5. Charlotte had a tough singles match, losing to a very similar style player to her – a very close first set loss gave her opponent the momentum to take the match. Laura, Tanya and Alice all smashed their singles in 2 sets, without giving their opponent even a glimmer of hope. Claudia and Georgina both had very tough matches, suffering with injuries midway through, but both managed to finish it off in the fading light, Georgina in 3 sets and Claudia in 2. This domination in the singles put Cambridge 8-4 at the end of the first day. Day 2 started with singles, and we went in confident. Laura stormed through her singles with ease, only dropping 4 games. Charlotte had a tough time in her first set, but after winning a close tie-break, she smashed the second set 6-0, giving us a 10-4 lead. Yas subbed in after Georgina’s injury, despite being injured herself, and put up a very tough fight against an opponent who was determined to make her run on a very dodgy ankle. Tanya was up against the no.1 seed, and despite a close 2nd set, she was always in control, and took the win to secure our Varsity victory! This did not stop the fight on the neighbouring courts, where both Claudia and Alice went into first set tie-breaks. Claudia won hers and the 2nd set, whereas Alice had to take her match into 3 sets to win it. At 13-4 up we were determined to beat last years score-line going into the doubles. Laura and Tanya breezed through their doubles with no mercy. Yas and Charlotte had a tough match against an aggressive pair, losing in the 2nd set tiebreak. Claudia and Georgina had to take theirs to a 3rd set championship tiebreak, winning 10-8. The overall score was 15-6 to Cambridge!