Women’s Blues vs Bath 2nd


Date Competition Season
October 21, 2015 BUCS Women's Premier B South 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st6Draw
University of Bath Women’s 2nd6Draw

Match Report

Blues vs bath 2nds

Today Both Men’s and Women’s 1st teams travelled to Bath Uni. The women played Bath 2nds and were nervous because only one “official” first team player was available. Lucie Astier-Such made her BUCS debut and she, together with Captain Monika, won her doubles in 3 sets: 4-6 6-2 10-5. Serve and volley was a tactic widely and successfully used. Anna Fruhauf and Gerogina Shepherd had a tricky match against two uninhibited players and lost 2-6 2-6. Monika then confidently dispached her singles opponent, with a brief loss of concentration maybe, 6-4 6-2. Lucie continued in her impressive lack of nerves and won 6-4 6-0. Anna tried to battle through a sore back, but in the end was forced to retire. Georgina’s opponent proved far too strong and she lost 0-6 0-6.
The team came away with a draw today and one can only wonder at what the score would have been had a full first team been in force… But what they really want to know is why and how Bath Uni have such good facilities: fundraising please!