Women’s Blues vs Bath 1st


Date Competition Season
October 29, 2014 BUCS Women's Premier South 2014/15


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st2Loss
University of Bath Women’s 1st10Win

Match Report

Today the First Team played that infamous group; Bath 1sts. Not deterred by their big name, we resolved to go out all guns blazing.

First were the doubles: Tanya and Monika and 1st pair, and the new combination of Jane and Anna as 2nd. We were glad that we had a good hit in our warm-ups because the doubles were over “relatively” quickly. 0-6 0-6 and 0-6 0-6. If you think of how long an average game lasts you might work out how long we were on court. The highlight of “Tanika’s” match was in the last game where there were two net caughts in one point that was ultimately won with both girls running to the net and Monika framing a ball that landed on the outer tramline. It was glorious.

When the singles started it became evident that we like bagels more than breadsticks: Monika lost 1-6 0-6 but felt it could have gone either way (jokes), Anna 0-6 1-6 but had a whale of a time on court, and Jane 0-6 0-6 but managed to finish her essay afterwards.

Now, what about Tanya you may ask? Girls, I save the best for last. Our media secretary walked onto the carpet court with jaw clenched and won her match 6-4 7-5! After self-coaching to improve her backhand and battling through a crippling cold for two weeks she was the hero of the day!

Here’s to next week and not having to play the BUCS national Champions!