Women’s Blues vs Bristol 1st


Date Competition Season
December 2, 2015 BUCS Women's Premier B South 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st0Loss
University of Bristol Women’s 1st12Win

Match Report

Briston 1 vs blues

The Women’s 1st Team travelled to Bristol today to play their *pretty dominant* team. While Jenni, Jane, and Kadi faced tube delays and played at being sardines, Monika had a very leisurely trip to the tennis centre together with the Bristol Team (a whole 10 minutes!).
All 4 singles were played first and the opposition was just too strong for everyone.
Kadi played a very steady girl who even has her face plastered around Bristol Sports Centres! She lost 6-2 6-2.
Monika played her twin sister, who like Georgina’s doubles partner, has improved a whole lot more than she has. The match was well natured although Monika’s annoyance did get the best of her at points and she did let out a few screams (sorry everyone). The score was 6-0 6-1
Jenni and her opponent were both notorious for being too friendly on court; half of their match was spent chatting and they are now best friends and planning on visiting each other in their respective hometowns. After a slow start Jenni upped her game in the 2nd set: she lost 6-0 6-4.
Jane was playing a girl who claimed to “have a pretty much broken back.” She didn’t seem that broken though and hit a load of down the line winners: 6-1 6-4
Doubles was more promising: after their singles scores, number 1 pair Kadi and Monika would probably be expected to lose very comprehensively. Definitely not! Doubles seems to be Cambridge’s forte and the two of them won a close-fought 1st set 6-4. They lost the 2nd set 2-6 and then the tiebreak 10-7, but not before Monika absolutely NAILED her sister in the stomach with a close range volley. She feels really bad….
Jane and Jenni played a very practiced doubles player along with her new but inspired doubles partner. Cambridge were not quite able to find their way out of sticky match situations and the 2nd pair lost 2-6 3-6
Though every match today was lost, the team have a lot to learn from Bristol Uni. Hopefully next year we will be fighting once again and maybe next time the outcome will be different.