Women’s Blues vs Exeter 2nd


Date Competition Season
November 18, 2015 BUCS Women's Premier B South 2015/16


University of Cambridge Women’s 1st4Loss
University of Exeter Women’s 2nds8Win

Match Report

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.40.22 AM

This week the team made the mammoth trek to Exeter.  Doubles was on the menu first: Cassandra and Monika never fully got into their stride and lost to the no. 1 pair 3-6 3-6.
At no. 2 it was the first time that Lucie and Jenni had played together, but they obviously have some sort of connection because after losing the first set 3-6, they walloped a load of winners down the line and got the 2nd set 6-4 and the match tiebreak 10-8!
Here come the dramatic bits…
Monika played an old foe and her standard was pretty up and down. After an unlucky struggle she lost the first set 5-7. In the second set she showed what she was made of and won pretty comfortably, drop-shotting left, right, and centre to clinch it 6-3. In the third set her opponent fell victim to cramps (from running to all those drop shots) and had a 5 minute time out while Monika got cold. For the next 5 games Monika attempted to drop shot on every point but ceased up and missed everything.  A last minute surge wasn’t enough and her opponent claimed final set victory 6-4.
Cassie played a feisty girl at number 2.  A 5-1 lead in the first set seemed too good to be true but then Exeter found inspiration (probably from their very chatty coach) and clawed back to 5-4. Luckily Cassie did not lose this set (6-4) but the next one was “a bit of a mare” and Cassie had a downward spiral into gloom as she failed to convert games and lost the set 6-7. Our captain tried to cheer her up at this point but Cassie was rather snappy and needed to be left to her own devices. Set no. 3 (you will be relieved to hear) was for Cambridge; 6-2. The match lasted 2h45.
Jenni was at number 3 and there is not too much to say about her match (thank goodness). She lost 3-6 4-6.
Lucie lost against a player who was rather inspired 5-7 2-6.